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TBN: Super-Hyped Products Edition- Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Masque Review

There are products that you simply can't escape, they are everywhere: every medium, every digital platform. This sort of aggressive marketing strategy is fair game of course. If the budget allows, you need as many eyes on your product as you can get.

But with the Coco & Eve hair mask (and their before-and-after photos campaign), you'd think there was a hair revolution going on. I'm all for advertising your product. What I object to, though, is making false claims in the process. I could see that the before and after photos were fluffed. The 'before' hair was dischevelled, the 'after' impeccably styled. But the promises, oh the promises, of hair beyond my wildest imagination, got too much on the umpteenth time that I saw them. I caved.

photo via https://www.cocoandeve.com

This is a 40 euros mask. Repeat, 40 euros- comparable to Kérastase ones, that are universally accepted as miracle workers.

What did I get for my 40 euros you ask? Well, let me tell you. I got meh hair. I don't do meh hair. I got hair you get from a super market product. I don't do super market hair (apart from Aussie, LOVE Aussie). I know I'm used to salon-grade products (which I buy in jumbo sizes so that they come in at the same price as super market products- see what I did there?) but this has a salon-grade pricetag and I expected equivalent results. Instead, I got semi-detangled, sorta soft hair, that was semi-manageable and kinda defrizzed. My subsequent blowdry was semi-ok(-ish). That was the fastest 40 euros regret ever. I tried it again with the same spectacularly unspectacular results. I know something might work for some and not others, but my hair is in very good condition and it should not have turned out this way. I couldn't possibly recommend this.

I had the same experience with another super-hyped 'holy grail' hair treatment, Sachajuan's Hair Repair. Another very expensive, underwhelming product- I sense a trend here. I'll be posting very soon about hair products that really do work for me.

If you're still curious to try this, it's available here: https://bit.ly/2KzU3Xo

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