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TBN: Charlotte Tilbury Makeover Edition- Covent Garden Appointment Review

This is a throwback to this summer and my lovely morning spent at Charlotte Tilbury's flagship store in Covent Garden. I had booked a makeover session with a senior artist. This costs 55 pounds, which are fully redeemable against purchases. I chose the Dolce Vita look, because I didn't have that quad and was curious to try it. This is what I looked like before (note the crazy bloating; important article on medicine-resistant PCOs and insulin regulation coming very soon).

And this is how I stepped out. God I loved getting pampered. Charlotte's universe is all you imagined, a magical playground for women. I was queen for an hour that day.

Final impressions: I preferred the way I make up my own face, but Hannah, the artist that attended me, was just following my lead. She gave me a more dramatic look because that's what I asked for. She was very knowledgeable, skilled and an uber-lovely person. She talked me through everything and taught me how to best apply all products. I walked around the city that day in a full-on smoky, unapollogetically glam look. I reached some useful conclusions which I follow since:

1. Don't apply powder everywhere- your face has already been largely set by bronzer and blush. Hannah taught me that.

2. When you're almost 40 you can definitely pull off a vampier look in the daytime, because a) there's no freshness to disguise, just fatigue and bloating and b) you're all woman and you don't give a sh*t. I felt very powerful in a dynamic look.

3. Hannah blew me away with how natural my brows looked- bushy but dark blonde- so do not necessarily match your product with your natural brow colour, go half a tone lighter and see.

4. I found hero products that I had resisted trying until then: the Ecstasy blush, the Airbrush powder (if there's one thing you buy from CT, get this) and the Magic Foundation (perfection but I'm too penny-pinching to use this one exclusively; I have a two-tier cosmetics system and this made my luxury kit).

5. She used colours that I didn't really gravitate toward. Turns out, copper really boosts the green in your eyes.

If you're ever in town, do make a point of scheduling an appointment. You'll learn a lot, try so many products on your face, get pampered, treated to a drink in the boudoir of your dreams and spend the 55 pounds on products you enjoyed. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. Abso-BLOODY-lutely recommended.

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