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TBN: Legendary Products Edition: Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream Review

This is a long-overdue review on Charlotte Tilbury's famous/infamous Magic Cream. And because I last bought it as part of a set, you'll get my two cents' worth on two more products- one meh and one stellar- so here goes.

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CT's Magic Cream has gained some devoted fans and a lot more haters. 'It's too rich, it's too thick, it's too expensive', so on and so forth. There's no accounting for taste and certainly not for preferences in skincare, that much is certain. But it is laughable to say that this is a bad cream. It's superb and I will hear no more about it. The price is indeed a sore point. That's why it's not on my permanent roster. I am a multi-step, active ingredients kinda girl and I can't justify the money just for the moisturizing part of my routine. It's absurd. Here comes the catch: this mix of budget/mid-range/high-end products I combine within the week, adds up to a steep price. Why have I, then, returned to the Magic Cream again and again, if only to have some in my kit? Because with the Magic Cream you don't need to multi-step. When I'm bored to do it all in the mornings, I just cleanse my face with my Lixir Vitamin C paste and slather on Magic Cream. No serums, eye creams, hyaluronics, pore-primers. Just this. PERFECT SKIN. And, more impressively, PERFECT makeup day. It's also amazing for night use. I call it the Lazy Person Perfector. You might be lazy, but look the opposite. Magic indeed. I can't seem to take the psychological leap and use just this. I might try it though; I'll report on it if I attempt a simpler routine. If, however, you have no time or energy for many beauty steps but require excellent skin, if you need a one-stop-shop and can afford this (as I mentioned before, cost is relevant if you add all the other cheapies up) this would be my No. 1 suggestion. Yes, it's rich but not oily and gives you plump, radiant skin all day long. I've found a 90% match dupe, Darphin's Hydraskin Rich. At a fraction of the price, it follows the same principle and is also an excellent cream I love. It's just not, exactly- the Magic Cream.

The set I recently bought was a no-brainer for me because I got a great bargain for the products included. It's available to buy here: https://bit.ly/2Kx0Cu5 Two out of three products were already holy grails for me. I'm referring to the Magic Cream, of course, and Wonder Glow. That, along with CT's Hollywood Flawless Filter, are the best thing for giving my combination skin a radiant glow without the oily side effects. I use them both under my foundation but they can both be worn alone and out the door. I only do that in the summertime when I don't wear foundation. The third product was CT's Magic Night Cream. This smells great. That's the only good thing I have to say about it. It's so sticky and gooey that it gets my pulled-up hair dirty at night, because it soaks the pillow, even though I used it sparingly. I now use it as an intense moisture mask after my acid peel. For that purpose, it's fine but I would not repurchase. This limited-edition set gives you three iconic Tilbury products to try at a great price. If you are considering even the two, it's still worth it. It's available to buy here: https://bit.ly/2Kx0Cu5

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