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TBN: Health Edition- All-Natural Beauty Products for People Undergoing Cancer Treatment

In the near future, I will write about the story of my 25-year-long challenges with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. PCOS is an endocrinological problem that interferes with insulin levels and the brain's capacity to recognize it in the body. I've been on non-stop medication of varying strengths for 24 years. The biggest help I have found so far in managing my symptoms, has come from my nutritionist Dr. Connie Phillipson, a person who changed my entire outlook on food and helped me regulate my insulin levels solely through nutrition. I will go into detail about her unique, science-based approach in an upcoming article. In the meatime, you can read about it on her website http://www.nutritionaladvisor.com/

On my last visit, Dr. Phillipson asked me to look into skincare that is suitable for people undergoing cancer therapy. She works extensively with women and men fighting or recovering from cancer. At this very challenging stage, it's imperative that patients only use the most natural, gentle and nurturing products on their skin. If ever there was a useful article to write on skincare, it was this.

I was already familiar with the online beauty destination www.victoriahealth.com. They specialize in all-natural brands that offer a vast variety of niche products suited to skin facing challenges such as this. As your first stop, I would recommend a visit here.

Next up, is all-natural and organic beauty website www.cosnatural.co.uk. Here, you can find a beautiful selection of skincare, haircare and makeup, suitable for even the most sensitised skin.

Delving deeper, the most specialized beauty products I have found, are brands created by women who battled cancer themselves. Unable to find products that catered to their sensitive skin, they created lines of natural but highly effective products, clinically proven to deliver results without causing harm. Below, you can find the links to the brands' stockists:

photo via https://odacite.com/

Finally, I was very grateful and humbled to follow an online discussion led by renouned makeup artist Caroline Barnes (you can find her work here: https://bit.ly/2KoIuCB). She invited people on her Instagram account to contribute their knowledge of products they had personally found beneficial during chemotherapy. It was a truly moving and lively thread, recording personal experiences of strength and determination. Instead of being downbeat, as one might expect, this was an entirely positive outpour of support, courage and encouragement.

Below, is a list of the brands and products most mentioned by the contributors of the discussion and where you can find them:

Pai Skincare: their Rose Oil was the most loved product in the thread www.paiskincare.ie

Votary: I've personally used these and they are incredible formulas. They are quite expensive but keep in mind that their serums come in 50ml bottles and not the industry standard 30ml www.votary.co.uk

Balmology: Another favourite brand in the discussion, they also offer useful information on their website https://www.balmology.co.uk/

Bybi Beauty: All-natural, vegan, cruelty-free products https://bybi.com/

Jane Scrivner Skincare: this is not an all-natural brand like the others but it was often mentioned; her Rosehip Oil was quoted as very nourishing for burns resulting from cancer therapy: https://janescrivner.com/

Andalou Naturals: this is a much beloved Stateside brand, their 1000 Roses Face Wash is especially popular https://andalou.com/

Weleda: one of the best natural companies in the world, their Skin Food cream was often mentioned as the best nourishment for dry skin. Their Rhinodoron nasal spray helps soothe the nose that dries from radiation and their Salt toothpaste comforts a dry mouth https://www.weleda.com/international

Jason: another natural skincare legend, their Tea Tree Oil was mentioned for scalp relief https://bit.ly/2BjXSgx

Delilah Cosmetics: non-irritating, luxurious makeup formulas https://delilahcosmetics.com/

Nioxin: this was the brand with the highest praise for results on hair loss https://www.nioxin.com

Lumity: among other products, its famous face oil comforts sensitive, devitalized skin https://lumitylife.co.uk

La Roche-Posay: their Toleriane line was mentioned by patients as beneficial to delicate skin https://www.laroche-posay.co.uk/

Acure: another American brand, their Argan Oil was recommended for skin burdened by radiation https://acure.com/

Dr. Bronner's: This is the No.1-selling natural soap brand in the States. Its Unscented Soap cleanses and nurtures challenged skin https://bit.ly/2S1y8Lh (Greek consumers can find them here: https://bit.ly/2S2lHia)

I hope this was helpful in a small way. If there is any other health topic you'd like me to look into, it would my sincere pleasure to do so.

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