• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Budget Winter Boots Edition- Clarks Netley Freya Review

You know that special place you hold in your heart for Clarks shoes because when you wear them, it's like wearing two little hugs on your feet?

And you know how you try to find a design you actually want to wear, but something's always off? Too clunky, too round, too square etc.? I have good news for you. I bought the Freyas on the off-chance I'd actually wear them and now I refuse to put on anything else.

photo via classico.gr

While these are great for driving, I'm a huge walker. You can go miles in these without a hint of discomfort. They look robust but feel like butter. They survived the rain and mud looking impeccable the other day and they go with all my day trousers: slimfit/cigarette/bootcut/wide, you name it. Tip: I don't tie the laces in front, I find it doesn't do them justice. Instead, I wrap them around to the back and tie a ribbon there. Edgier, more streamlined.

They also come in grey and they are available here: https://bit.ly/2Tva84W

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