• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Picking Right from Wrong. Does Beauty Involve Ethics?

Undoubtedly so, IMHO. I've always believed that beauty actually equates ethics, because what is beauty if not balance, a harmonious middle ground? You can find beauty in extremes but only because it burns so bright and briefly that you are back in a safe emotional state soon. Beauty is also found in truth, another inextricable aspect of ethics. Same with justice. All that and other futile thoughts, went through my mind this morning when two wasps zoomed through my window and over my head, at the pivotal point of mascara application. I can't seem to kill bugs anymore. I will go to great lengths to get them back outside, I feel they have the same right to be here as anyone. And so the wasps buzzed around me, I tried to repel them, at first getting eyeliner on my lid, then smudging mascara all over my cheek. I finally shooed them out and corrected the damage. I'm not killing a living being because it gets in the way of my mascara, end of. That is reflected in the choices we make as beauty consumers. Driven by a similar ethical urge, not exactly a conscious, hard stance, I've stopped using beauty products that contain any animal-related ingredients. What is the point of a cruelty-free product that contains donkey milk? Is that not a contradiction in terms? Snail secretion? How is that possibly cruelty-free when snales secrete considerable quantities only under stress?

I was an avid multi-masker. When sheet masks came out, I was an early adopter. Soon, I noticed how much physical rubbish it involves: packaging for every single mask, then the mask itself. What an absurd amount of waste to get plumper skin in 10 minutes. And if you 'beautify' at the expense of the enivronment, are you really beautiful? Of course not.

We don't have to be militant in our ethics to serve the beauty in this world (although sometimes we must). Let's just take the time to consider, from time to time, whether our beauty consuming choices make us feel as good inside as they do on the outside. That's a good start.

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