• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Bag Lust Edition- Strathberry Nano Tote

In my 20's I usually wore large saddle bags, in style at the time, and I ended up with back pain . Also, I can't bother with shoulder bags anymore (rendering my Balenciaga Motorcycles obsolete for years until I recently discovered I can find well-made, cheap long straps at H&M to turn them into crossbody bags- yeay).

Anyway, only medium and small crossbody bags is where it's at for me nowadays. Strathberry do some of my favourite mid-luxury styles .

I've loved the Nano Tote model for a long time but these suede versions at Selfridges are next-level beautiful, true collectible classics. If there's a bag style that will stand the test of time against passing trends, it will be this.

I love a red bag, they go with everything.This one is available here http://bit.ly/2TjXplw

The olive one is equally versatile but perhaps a little more wearable than the red. I need this. Available here: http://bit.ly/2Tf7FLx

The blue is a more unique choice and its colour is divine. Available here: http://bit.ly/2DoKoBl

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All photos via http://www.selfridges.com

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