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TBN: Quick'n'Easy Makeup Edition- NudeStix Melissa Alatorre Set Review

I wanted to try Nudestix for a while but kept putting it off. Although they are the OG face pencils, the first that set a high standard for the thousands of clones that followed, these didn't seem innovative anymore and I didn't feel the urgency to try them. Then, I saw this 'Soft & Smokey by Melissa Alatorre' set and fell in love (available here: https://bit.ly/2STyHZ4). I was interested in every colour and at £60.00 you get all they eyeshadows and lip colour you might need for every occasion. Seemed like a fair deal.

photo via https://bit.ly/2STyHZ4

As it turns out, it's a GREAT deal. I consider these beginner-friendly and very easy to use. Let's start with the colours: my instinct was right, this set is every neutral-lover's dream. Let me stress that this is neutrals done impeccably: not warm leaning, nor cool-leaning, you can combine the four eyeshadows in any way you like, to any degree of intensity. You can subtly shade, dynamically smoke, do work looks, day looks, party looks, etc. Basically, if you want it, you got it with these pencils.

Let's now talk technique. It takes a couple of times to get used to using your fingers (no brushes necessary). Be careful: when you smudge them on, they are steady, creamy and blend easily but they set quicky. You have about 30-45 seconds, so blend them with your fingers on the spot. Once they set, you can no longer blend them. Throughout the day they do not crease or fade. These are top performers.

Below is my typical work eye look using this set.

I use ‘Nudity’ (a sweet, pinkish taupe) on the entire lid and crease and blend with my fingers. Then I sketch on ‘Taupe’ in the crease and outer corner (and blend) and finally ‘Chocolate’ on the outer corner and below the bottom lashes. I hate to repeat myself but you must blend each colour, or it will set before you're done. On the bright side, the whole thing is much quicker than you'd expect. I kept time today and both eyes took me 1 minute flat. Fast, right? No brushes, no fuss, ridiculously easy. On the lips, here I wore the ‘Purity’ lip pencil and some gloss over it. No lip liner necessary, they stay in place, and do not bleed in the slightest.

I don't use the ‘Twilight’ eye colour every day, because, while it's an excellent grey, I don't prefer grey on my eyes- even when it's excellent. But, I admit, it has grown on me and today I'm sporting a full-on '70s-inspired grey eye and pink lip (photo below). Fun.

If you want to buy the individual colours and not the entire set, they are available here: https://bit.ly/2JRBPk0

Below, is the exact look on top, but before going out for the evening, I smudged a little Chocolate on my upper lash line. This is before I remove my makeup for the night, after 15 hours of wear. Long-lasting, like I said.

Finally, the last item is lip pencil in ‘Raven’, as seen below. Again, strangely for a red lip product, you need no lip liner. This is smooth and creamy, stays lush and does not bleed.

As makeup sets go, I couldn't recommend this highly enough. I appreciate it when companies give me a great product, have taken the time to consider my everyday needs, then put a big markdown on the price to help me obtain all the colours (it's half the price of buying all the pencils individually). I really like its metal container, I take it with me everywhere. I don't mind that I have to sharpen them every now and then. The sharpener is included in the set and is very easy to use. Love.

The set is available here: https://bit.ly/2STyHZ4

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