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TBA: Acids Edition- Lixir PHA/AHA Serum Review

As a long-time, severe acne sufferer, I've been using Hydroxy Acids for more than 20 years and tried more formulas than I care to remember. With consistent use, I have managed to erase 95% of my acne scarring with no other intervention.

Acids chemically exfoliate the skin and I recommend them to anyone, at any age. It's a wonderful way to renew your skin and the best way to achieve that healthy glow. If you have actively acneic skin you should also use a Beta Hydroxy Acid, namely Salicylic Acid, which will help regulate sebum secretion and pore size. If there is no active acne, Alpha Hydroxy Acids are better for your needs. You should introduce them conservatively, every other night for example, with a mild acid lotion before your skincare in the am and pm. Then, graduate to a stronger serum or cream, also best used on alternate nights. Easy does it: we want to help the skin shed its dead cells, not damage the healthy ones.

It's no secret I love the Lixir line . Their Polyhydroxy Acids/ Alpha Hydroxy Acids serum (they call it the Night Switch) is no exception.

photo via https://bit.ly/2JLlzRn

This is a high quality formulation. We only ever talk about the Ordinarys, GOWs and Inkey Lists of the market nowadays. We're used to buying cheap actives but, at the end of the day, formula is still king and this is proof. I use it as instructed (against my initial impulse to use it as a regular serum and splash it all over): mixed in with the Universal Emulsion (Lixir's moisturising cream). Please just use one pump as they suggest. I went crazy with it and lamented wasting it after. I got that wonderful glow I had not seen from a product in a while. It all depends on your skin of course, but my maturer skin and high quality demands are both perfectly addressed. I use it every other night, alternating with retinol. For 20 pounds, I think this is excellent value for money and classes above the popular 'affordable' lines.

The PHA/AHA 10% Night Switch is available to buy here: https://bit.ly/2JLlzRn

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