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TBN: Big Hair Edition- Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumising Paste Review

I won't keep you in suspense, this is a kick-ass product.

Right. Now that that's out of the way, on to the specifics. I was really bored to try this. I have heavy, thick, frizzy hair, lots of it too. I look ridiculous in short dos, so I'm doomed to always style long hair to look good. Every two years, I cut them into a long bob (a lob) and while it's not the most flattering, I enjoy the brief straightening time and the great volume. Currently, they are long and look dead flat with a straightening iron, even if I dry them with my head down. I've found a good solution in Wella's Invigo Volume Boost line, which makes a real difference (thanks to cotton apparently). This is a regular shampoo and mask line. Normal stuff that gives you fluffier hair.

Then came this: a new way to wash your hair. It's a paste with clay and rose extracts which you apply to the roots and massage in. I was confused: I didn't understand how much was needed and I didn't want a paradigm shift to hair washing.

Turns out, it's dead simple. On the first wash, it didn't lather at all (probably all that product remnant on my hair). Rinse off, repeat. Only a small spoonful on my hand created light, glorious lather. OK, not such a paradigm shift after all. I followed with my regular Wella mask, I dried my hair with my head down. I felt a lot of texture in the roots of my hair, but ignored.

I figured the best way to evaluate this, would be with poker-straight hair. Under normal circumstances, when I do this, I follow up with back-combing and a ton of hairspray to achieve the tiniest amount of volume. My hair is just too heavy.

On the photo below, this is what my hair looked like WITHOUT any backcombing or hairspray (ignore the skin shine, I was wearing my Lancaster moisture mask at the time- another skin hero). In fact, I did neither of those steps because I didn't need to. I need to stress that freshly pressed hair on me, usually looks completely flat and thin. The difference in the roots of my hair is very impressive. I can only imagine what this product does to fine or sparse hair.

The only hiccup for me, is that it worked a little too well? You feel a lot of texture on the top part of your head: exactly like backcombed hair. You can't run your fingers through your roots, way too much is going on up there. That was a turn-off, because my hair is too heavy already. I won't use this every time, but definitely when I need my hair to look super voluminous (can you imagine if I had backcombed and sprayed as well? Holy thunderhair Batman!).

I would say this is a must-have for women with fine or thinning hair. It also smells amazingly and thoroughly cleans hair. For everyone else, it's good to keep in your arsenal for those days when you just need special oomph. The paste is available to buy here: https://bit.ly/2Jv33g7

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