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TBN: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Edition- Top 5 and how they look in real life

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

For us matte lips lovers, Matte Revolution lipsticks are the best thing to happen since square bread. It's not their colours (and they are superb), it's not their packaging, we're all used to high-end tubes by now. It's the ingenious formula. It makes your lips look bigger, your face prettier, it doesn't dry out your lips, it doesn't bleed, it stays true to colour for hours. I've never come across a person who bought one, at 27 euros a pop, and didn't consider it a sound investment.

Of course, that's what Tilbury does. She concocts things that turn you into a better version of yourself, and, while her K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick formula (the regular, satin finish) has its own cult following, for me, Matte Revolution is second to none.

photo via http://global.charlottetilbury.com

You might know that Charlotte is my goddess. However, buying lipsticks for the first time based on the photos of her website is not a good idea. The colours are not true to the real thing. So, either you research online for real-life swatches of her lipsticks (I hope the photos below help a little toward that end) or just go to a Tilbury counter and try them yourself.

Below is my Top 5. *Please understand it was painful for me to pick favourites, they are all my children.*

1. Very Victoria: the perfect nude for me. I'm not into girlie pinks, they don't suit me. This is a warm pink/beige that makes my complexion look healthy and brings out my lips instead of cancelling them out, as most nudes do. I find this is best on fair skin, it doesn't work its wonders on olive or darker skin- but that's entirely subjective, you won't know until you try it yourself. It works, literally, with every eye look/ blush colour combination. Below, a look with VV. Holy grail.

2. Bond Girl: This really should be number one. It lost out on the top spot, simply because I use Very Victoria more often. This lipstick looks fantastic on everyone, every skintone, every hair colour, eye colour. It's what our lips should look like naturally when we wake up: a plump, flushed berry/ brown. It can be worn in the summer, absolutely, but this is the most ideal fall/winter shade I have ever come across- and I am considering colours and formulas from heavyweights like Chanel, YSL, Tom Ford etc. You can build it up to a deeper berry. Bond Girl power anecdote: I was at Harrods at the Tilbury stand, where an elder American lady was giving the salesperson a very challenging day. She didn't like anything and was vocal about it (bordering on offensive) but still insisted to try everything else. After listening to five minutes of this, I turned around and suggested she tried Bond Girl. She loved it and left two minutes later. The salesperson and I shared a sigh of relief. Below, is a look with Bond Girl.

3. Pillow Talk: This is almost identical to Very Victoria on my lips but with a, barely perceptible, pinker finish. I include it in the Top 5 because all my olive and darker skinned friends swear by it as the most flattering shade for them. That pink kick makes a difference then. I adore its Lip Cheat lip liner version and I do use this a lot. When it finishes, though, I'll only rebuy Very Victoria.

4. Birkin Brown: this is a suprisingly versatile shade that can work with different looks. First of all, it's not your typical brown, but, rather, its very succulent cousin. If you wear a light coat, you get a juicy, pronounced pout. If you build it up, you get a deeper, more mysterious colour that's always on the right side of vamp. I love it especially for nightime, as seen below.

5. Walk of Shame: this is my safe version of a red lip. Since my cheeks started dropping with age, I feel I can't pull off a full-on red lip like I used to. This has impact but is more subdued than your typical fire-engine red. It softens my face, without drawing too much attention to my smile lines. Below, a look with Walk of Shame.

Matte Revolution lipsticks are available to buy here

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