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TBN: Bronzer for Contouring Edition- Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer Dupe

I don't 'contour'. I mean I do- I've been doing it since I was a teenager but we called it shading then and it was done with bronzer and blusher.

Then, the Kardashians happened to the world, introducing us to contouring (among other questionable practices) and adding one more 'necessary' step to our beauty routine.

I beg to differ. I refuse to etch-a-sketch my face. With makeup I enhance, I bring out, I ameliorate my face; it brightens my mood. I'm not running from the police, I don't need to alter my entire visage.The only good thing that came out of contour mania is the release of colder-hued powder bronzers that are even better for shading. Up until then, bronzers usually came in warm undertones and it was a fine line between looking chiselled and looking like a marionette.

photo via www.charlottetilbury.com

The best I had found so far was the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow version. This is great for defining your features and angles. It really is foolproof and beginner-friendly. Plus, it comes with that heavenly highlighter. I go into it heavily, though, and I seem to to run out about every four- five months. The price is steep so I was looking to alternate with (not replace, as it's a holy grail) in days when I don't really care to have that absolutely impeccable, Tilbury look. I've just called off the search: I found a (super duper) dupe last week. Max Factor's 'Baked Minerals Bronzer' does the same job, in a slightly different but impeccable manner.

photo via www.maxfactor.com

I never stop at the Max Factor stand but this was on a dedicated counter. It looked wrong and shimmery to me in the sample and I'm generally not drawn to Max Factor, absurd on both counts . The salesperson was adamant, however, so -out of nowhere- she pulled out a supposedly clean brush and applied it on my cheeks. I freaked but it looked great. Five minutes (and a quick, manic face wash/disinfection in the Ladies' room) later, I bought it and I've been LOVING it ever since. It looks natural and gives you impressive angles in an imperceptible way. You need to build it up as it's not insanely pigmented but for shading that's the way it should be. It sees me through the day, it doesn't budge or change colour. It's a thoroughly reliable product. The Tilbury bronzer, at 65 euros, gets a 10/10. I will use it well into my old age (but at this price, maybe not every day?).

The Max Factor one, at 14 euros, gets an 8.5/10. I would call that a smashing success. I will be visiting the Max Factor stand from now on.

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