• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Mid-Range Makeup Edition- Makeup Forever Star Lit Palette Review

photo via www.makeupforever.com

I was looking for a slightly more exciting alternative to my usual earthy, natural thrills and I was so sure I found it in this palette. The colour scheme looks like something an adult with a job would wear but with a little fun infused, in the shape of shimmers.

I was really excited to experiment with this. Just look at the colours, they present endless possibility. I tested it out for two weeks. I was able to get only one look I liked and that only lasted for three hours. As it turns out, possibility was not endless, nor possible for that matter. For the life of me, I couldn't get these to work, even with the best eye primers. The eyeshadows look muddy and don't blend but rather fuse together into unflattering shades. One of my final attempts was the blue combo, below shot in daylight, which is a little funky for me but doable for a Saturday afternoon. I almost liked it but, in hindsight, maybe that was just relief to get one passable look out of this.

Then, three hours later, it turned to a puddle grey. I could have just smudged some khol around my eyes and saved myself the twenty minutes of hassle.

I love Makeup Forever, I love their lipsticks, their pencils. But this was a miss for me, I'm afraid. It is worth noting, though, that I swapped this with a (beauty professional) friend who goes for very bold, edgy looks and she makes it work for shading.

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