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TBN: Vintner's Daughter Dupe Edition- Caudalie Premier Cru The Precious Oil

(photo via www.caudalie.com)

This 40 euros Caudalie gem deserves more than to be simply known as a dupe for something else. It deserves desert island product status. But Vintner's Daughter is everywhere these days; it has become a point of reference and the gold standard of luxury facial oils. So everything compares to this, I'm afraid. The ultimate testament to a good formula is whether you repurchase it, right? Well, I've been buying this Caudalie oil for years, ever since it was called something else, namely 'the Elixir'.

Last summer, against my better judgment and finances, I caved from the hype and bought the Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Oil. I tested it for weeks. I tested it both morning and night, in Greek weather, in UK weather. Then, I passed it on to my mother, another longtime Elixir fan, apologized to my trusted Caudalie and we never spoke of my transgression again.

It is entirely dependent on a person's skin of course. Vintner's Daughter has such a cult following that I absolutely believe it might work wonders for some. Just not for me. What made me abandon it in the end, was that it irritated my skin. The Caudalie oil always soothes any redness and irritation, it even helps fresh acne scars. It contains potent anti-oxidant resveratrol and for me it boosts clarity, soothes, smooths and plumps. It is a dry oil with a heavely smell. I also use it on the eye contour, although they advise against it, because it's wonderful for my crow's feet. It seems to have a firming and wrinkle-reducing effect but that is probably just an optical illusion due to plumpness. Nothing in a jar or bottle will firm these jowls, I am not delusional.

Absolutely recommended. For what it's worth, my mother just finished the Vintner's Daughter ABS. She wants another Caudalie.

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