• Anastasia Pentias

TBN- Mid-Luxe Bags Edition

All you need to know about my love affair with bags, boils down to this: at 23, I got paid for the first time as a fashion assistant, for four months' worth of work. That same day, I spent half of that money on a Chanel bag. I had no money for cigarettes (being a smoker was still done then) but I had a Chanel bag. You can prioritize a bag over, say, food, when you're young and free of responsibilities. I did that for years and ended up with a collection that covers the spectrum of it-bags and classics. That's probably why I feel averse to spending a fortune on a bag now, I'm covered for all occasions. Well, that, plus I can't afford them anymore. You know the story: designer houses have progressively forsaken the middle class that established them as global influencers, for the charms of more glamorous, deeper, maybe more exotic, pockets. Prices go up. Then, they go up. And then, they go up again. Oh well. To be fair, the only bags I lust over anymore, are from Gucci (yesss) and Prada (hell yessss). Certainly not the brands trying to ride this wave, like MCM ('HOW much?!?'). I popped into Selfridges to try a Soho Disco. It looked good, really good. It was also worth three months of language lessons for my son. Case closed, bag not bought. Instead, I chose the new mid-luxe as I call it: affordably priced, high quality bags around the 500 euros mark. There are beautiful new brands popping up all the time and they cater to women like me who have a penchant for luxury but have to be sensible spenders. On the day, there was also 60-75% off at Harrods. That was a good day. My personal bests are:


(if parisian chic were a bag-photo via http://www.sezane.com )

Jerome Dreyfuss

(perfect alternative to the Soho Disco, yes? photo via www.jerome-dreyfuss.com )

Sophie Hulme

(I ADORE Sophie Hulme's bags, they are impeccably made, very resilient and get better with age- photo via sophiehulme.com)


(thou shalt be mine East/West, mine, you hear? photo via www.strathberry.com )


(Botkier bags are so affordable, you're surprised at the level of their craftsmanship and design- photo via www.botkier.com)

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