• Anastasia Pentias

TBN: Facial Roller Edition- Nurse Jamie Uplift Roller Final Impression

I'll admit it. Tati, Grand Duchess of YouTube, made me buy this. I got it last summer to invigorate my skin by improving circulation and, hopefully, maximize the benefits of my skincare. There was never a chance of me using this in the morning as recommended, so, after my night time routine, I roll away in bed when I'm catcing the latest episode of Homeland/Vikings/you get the idea. My skin was visibly plumper from day two and so much more radiant in the morning, I sometimes skipped foundation altogether. I got a healthy glow, as seen in the photo below. This was NOT, I repeat NOT, my skin's natural state in the mornings. Since I changed nothing in my skincare at that time, it was down to this.

I have since started getting Botox. I'm not acquainted with the minute specifics of the chemistry involved, so I follow my dermatologist's advice and he advised against rolling after treatments. I use it quite often from the cheekbones down (I'm afraid I've noticed it counteracts Botox when I roll in the treated areas further up) and it's always wonderful for my skin. You feel your facial muscles relax, all tension of the day gone. And, of course, there is that GLOW.

The Nurse Jamie roller is available to buy here: https://bit.ly/2JBzdXa

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