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TBN: Charlotte Tilbury Edition- Stars In Your Eyes Palette Review

Being a hardcore Charlotte Tilbury fan, I got this within the first 5 minutes of pre-sale. I test products very thoroughly, however, and this is not biased. Comparing with a palette from another company (ABH's Soft Glam) is not usually how I would evaluate products, but since these are both competing for the same spot in your makeup bag, I think it's useful. Here goes:

(photo via www.charlottetilbury.com)

What is this palette? It is what ABH's Soft Glam would like to be, but is not. An offering of twelve warm-ish, soft glam shadows for a wide variety of looks, ranging from flattering soft naturals to sophisticated but sexy, nighttime smokey. All colours are golden, pink, warm taupe and purple hues. What are the shadows like? Superb. Unlike the previous version of this 12-pan palette, this is Tilbury classics done best. Pigmented, buildable buttery mattes and refined glitters. Very flattering colours (I always insist that this is where the genius of Tilbury shadows lies, they simply make you prettier). And they are very long-lasting, unlike ABH. They survive work, the gym and the commute home, not an easy feat. Running around all day and all I ever need is just one afternoon blot? Yesss. How do you use them? This is where I got a little confused. Her quads and Instant Looks palettes are arranged in such a way that you basically paint by numbers and they are indeed fantastically combined. Keeping this in mind, I took several days to follow the proposed combinations and all four looks were ok - but a bit meh. This is not what I paid 75 euros for, I thought. Then, I painted outside the numbers. I improvised according to what I felt would give my eyes enough depth (three shadows for my middle-aged eyes is not very impressive). And it is MAGIC. I've adored these ever since. I get compliments for looking fresher, prettier. The only thing that's changed is this palette, so yey Charlotte. What about the packaging? I don't particularly pay attention to that if the product is good but I do appreciate the very sturdy outer shell and its magnetic close. I would be super-peeved if this opened in my travel bag. Also, I traveled with it recently and easily managed to do my full face in its mirror. It reclines steadily: very useful. Any unexpected benefits or drawbacks? It is worth noting that my make-up time in the mornings is A LOT less- as in half. These basically blend themselves. Makeup sorcery. No drawbacks, apart from the hefty price. Can you live without this? I guess so. This is expensive and not groundbreaking, let us be honest. If you want to invest in a SUPERB (I repeat myself but it's the only word for it) warmer-leaning basics palette, this is the one to get. No doubt. Order it NOW. But if you are hard-pressed to justify this for your budget, don't buy it. Go and get the Wet'n'Wild Color Icon palettes. They are not magical like CT but are a decent alternative to any high-end palette. I promise you'll love them.

The Stars In Your Eyes palette is available to buy here: https://bit.ly/2CZur4v

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